08 October 2018

Carole Jung joins ZeClinics Scientific Department

Welcome Carole Jung ZeClinics

Carole has more than 15 years of experience in Cardiovascular Physiology. She earned a Bachelor´s degree in Physiology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland where she was the recipient of a Welcome Trust Fellowship in arterial receptor pharmacology. In addition, she holds a PhD in Cardiac Physiology from the University of Bern, Switzerland where she acquired strong experience in the isolation of cardiomyocytes and biophysical techniques such as Laser-scanning confocal microscopy, UV flash photolysis and patch clamp.

During her Postdoc in the group of Molecular Physiology, University Pompeu Fabra, she gained expertise in primary cell culture and focused her study on ion channels and calcium homeostasis in the vascular system.

Finally, her work as a Science Data Analyst in Clarivate Analytics provided her with good knowledge in the field of biological data analysis and drug discovery.

She was granted with a Torres y Quevedo Grant (4th position in all Spain) to join our Cardiovascular team. We are confident that Carole´s arrival will contribute immediately to our cardiovascular portfolio and ensure success for our customers and partners.

Welcome aboard Carole!