Javier Terriente will partipacte in a roundtable at Barcelona Activa - MTC198

Barcelona ZeClinics

Barcelona is today the 4th city in the world more attractive to work and this causes many "restless minds" to choose it to open their start-ups and business. If we talk about numbers, more than 3,200 companies of this type operate in Spain and 34% of them are located in the city of Barcelona. Everyone says that in Barcelona people works in a different way, perhaps more aligned to the personal and professional goals. Do you want to find out?

What will you achieve with this activity?

· Knowing direct testimonies that have founded startups to demystify that this sector is not only moving in the world of technology. · See what characteristics, skills and abilities they look for in the candidacies. · Generate an enriching discussion that allows to "demystify" a sector that has great economic potential.


- Javier Terriente, CSO and co-founder of ZeClinics - Joan Salgado, CEO at Transplant Biomedicals - Jaume Palou, CEO at TBIOM Innovation - Anabel Martin, HR Manager at Deporvillage.com


Rosaura Alastruey, a specialist in the introduction of professional networking.

Session: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Hours: 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Auditori Seu Central, C / Llacuna 162-164, Barcelona, 08018, 934019777

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