Maria Rubio will give a talk in the UAB Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare.

Maria Rubio joins ZeClinics Services Department

Maria will give the talk in the Topic 13: Facility for aquatic species (fish and amphibian): Equipment; management programmes; breeding programmes; environmental enrichment; analysis of specific needs and resolution of problems (feeding, water quality); equipment currently available.

This module provides the knowledge and skills required for the effective management of animal facilities for experimental animals by designated veterinarians and other onsite personnel responsible for the welfare and care of laboratory animals.

The content of this module also complies with the training requirements set out in European Directive EU63/2010, developed by the Expert Working Group, supported by European Commission, in respect of the following modules: 3.1) Basic and appropriate biology (theory); 4) Animal care, health and management. 11) Design of procedures and projects (level 2) (iv) responsibilities ,23) Advanced animal husbandry, care and enrichment practices; 24) Designated veterinarian, (iii) Animal health, care and management. 

From ZeClinics we always encourage our workers to participate in knowledge dissemination courses, in order to increase their teaching experience and also as a small return to society of everything we receive in the form of grants.

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