ZeOncoTest: Refining and Automating the Zebrafish Xenograft Model for Drug Discovery in Cancer

ZeClinics successfully ends his crowdfunded project ZeOncoTest to bridge the gap between medical oncology and bench science.

Back in 2015, we pioneered equity crowdfunding in Spain, being the first biotech to launch such a campaign in the Capital Cell platform. In those fantastic times, we asked our investors to trust ZeClinics research in cancer. We believed that human cancer xenotransplants in zebrafish could become an excellent tool for understanding cancer progression and metastasis.

We are happy to announce that our aim was true.

After 4 years of intense research work, we have developed a streamlined and robust methodology: ZeOncoTest. This innovative tool allows testing the impact of drugs and cancer-related genes in tumor proliferation and metastatic initiation. It is indeed a technological advance for the oncology field, since it provides a greater complexity and biological translatability than in vitro tools, at a fraction of the cost and time required for analyzing cancer progression in rodent xenotransplants. We have a big plan for this technology in drug discovery, target validation, and personalized medicine fields.

Please, check our recent article in Pharmaceuticals and give us your feedback!

And you know, is you need some help with your science, better call ZeClinics!

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