Australasian College of Toxicology and Risk Assessment’s (ACTRA) Annual Scientific Meeting 2021


ZeClinics will contribute to the 13th Australasian College of Toxicology and Risk Assessment’s (ACTRA) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), which will be held on Thursday 26 August and Friday 27 August 2021 in Sydney. A one day Continuing Education Course will precede the ASM on Wednesday 25 August 2021.

ACTRA was established in 2006, and since then has been committed to advancing the study and applications of toxicology and health risk assessment as professional scientific disciplines, and maintaining the highest standards of professional practice and ethics in persons engaged in the sciences of toxicology and health risk assessment. ACTRA is a volunteer led and driven non-profit organization, comprising members from academia, industry and government around Australia and the world.

The conference will focus on advances in assessment and understanding of petroleum toxicology and neurotoxicology and their application in risk assessment practice.

Presentation themes may include:

  • Fundamentals of petroleum toxicology
  • Chain length & structure – toxicology categorization as per production products
  • Calculation of toxicity reference values for petroleum substances (case study)
  • Assessing the risk of petroleum mixtures in environmental samples (case study)
  • Nuances of human biomonitoring of petrochemical exposure in characterization of health risk
  • Principles and methods for the assessment of neurotoxicity associated with exposure to chemicals
  • Principal mechanisms of chemical neurotoxicity
  • Assessment of health risks from early-life exposures: are current risk assessment methods adequate?
  • New Approach Methodologies and Integrated Alternative Testing Approaches for Neurotoxicity
  • Toxicology of unconventional petroleum
  • An introduction to clinical toxicology and human therapeutics for pain
  • Integration of epidemiology into regulating neurotoxicants
  • Neurotoxicity and substances of abuse 
  • Dietary neurotoxins: how do we ensure food is safe

Javier Terriente, co-founder and CDD at Zeclinics, will give the presentation “Use of Zebrafish in Toxicology: Combining throughput and translatability” on Thursday 26 August 2021 at 3:15 AM – 3:45 AM Central European Summer Time (11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time).

The talk will focus on the key benefits of using Zebrafish in toxicology:

  • Zebrafish is a model that merges experimental and biological advantages from in vitro and in vivo preclinical models
  • Zebrafish can be used to evaluate chemical compound toxicity for the whole organism and for specific organs.
  • Zebrafish displays analogous toxicology prediction rates than higher vertebrates.

The content of the ASM and one day Continuing Education Day will be available to stream via ACTRA online platform.

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