Biotechnology Innovation comes through Smart People


Innovation in the biotechnology industry is a “MUST”

Innovation in the biotechnology industry is a “MUST”. The evolving news, market and needs force biotech firms aiming at improving medicine, pharma and society to think and build new solutions.

At ZeClinics, we love this idea and Innovation became a landmark in our daily activities and is the basis of any solution we bring to the market. However, Innovation means Effort, Resources, Risk and Passion.

Over the past one and a half year we have been granted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness with several fellowships to build a smart team for our R&D&I department.


Because our mission is to bring into the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agro-alimentary, cosmetic, chemical, environmental and biomedical fields the amazing power of ZEBRAFISH, and we are doing so by creating new tools and assays for discovering the effect of substances and drugs with the highest predictivity available in the market. Not anymore simple and old tests for looking at basic and confounding results, but disruptive ways to use this small striped fish just like a human. And in this mission we have to INNOVATE…our 3 PostDoctoral Fellows from the Torres Quevedo calls of 2015 and 2016, our Industrial PhD candidate from the 2015 call and our R&D technician from the 2016 call make this happen.

Such an engagement from the public Institution is the mirror of a good strategy, helping companies to realize the change…more employment, more R&D, more Innovation, more Economy and more Society: the right receipt!!!