Marina Müller joins ZeClinics Commercial Department

The commercial department of ZeClinics is reinforced.

Following the line of young talent recruitment, we have the great pleasure of communicating you that Marina Müller has joined to 100% our ZeClinics staff.

Marina has a Biology bachelor degree in which she focused on biotechnology. Additionally, Marina did a Master´s degree in Business Management of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry. Six months ago, Marina started to work with us as an intern of the University of Barcelona. The aim of the internship was to learn the role of business developer in the biotechnological field. Now, we have decided to incorporate her into the company.

She is a social person with an adaptive and very positive spirit. Marina speaks very well different languages, has strong communication skills and a great passion for news as well as its application into more business-related matters.

For all these reasons and many more, by hiring Marina ZeClinics has shot the target again.

Welcome aboard Marina!