Zebrafish earn their drug discovery stripes

Nearly ten compounds from zebrafish screens are in or about to enter the clinic trials.

This new article, written by Megan Cully, describes the state-of-the-art of Drug Discovery pipelines in terms of zebrafish implication. She explains that there are currently ten molecules that will enter clinical studies that come from exclusive experimentation with zebrafish. And there are two fundamental things, one, which has been published in Nature Drug Discovery, one of the most significant reference journals in this field. Second, this fact links directly to a growing interest in the pharmaceutical industry about alternative models that show robustness and reliability. And probably as for alternative models, the king is currently the zebrafish. And it has arrived to stay a long time. The most relevant part of this article is that it integrates comments from our CEO, Davide D´Amico, about the lines we have created in ZeClinics for phenotyping. Enjoy it!  
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