ZeClinics and University of Messina enter into agreement to launch a joint Industrial PhD Program in Veterinary Sciences

Joint international effort for training the scientists of tomorrow.

BARCELONA, Spain and MESSINA, Italy. July 8, 2021

ZeClinics SL, a biotech firm focused on preclinical services with zebrafish and University of Messina, characterized by the quality of research and teaching and by its international vocation, enter into agreement to launch a joint Industrial PhD Program in Veterinary Sciences.

“We are pleased that the University of Messina has joined forces with us to give doctoral students the possibility to develop strategic research projects in ZeClinics. We trust that this initiative will help to retain talent and contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of our company,” said Dr. Simone Calzolari, co-founder and CEO at ZeClinics.

“For me, Sicilian by birth-place and soul, it is huge honor to establish such collaboration, because it represents the realization of a hidden dream of bringing back to my home land the innovation and value built abroad in my professional career” continued Dr. Davide D’Amico, co-founder and Chairman of the Board at ZeClinics.

The administrative office of the Course will be the University of Messina, which will coordinate and manage all the administrative requirements inherent to the functioning of the PhD Course, as well as to issue the relevant title. ZeClinics will ensure that the research activity contributes to the enhancement of the skills of PhD students with reference to the field of activity. It will also contribute to the teaching and co-mentoring of PhD students and it will make available instrumentation, equipment and technical-scientific assistance in its laboratories.

“One of our primary purposes is the elaboration and transmission of scientific, technological and artistic knowledge, as well as the cultural and professional preparation of students. Closer cooperation between academia and private companies may help the acquisition of specific skills on the part of graduates to compete in knowledge-intensive labor markets. We aim that this Industrial PhD Program promotes the access of doctoral students to industry careers and to improve youth employability” said Antonino Germanà, Full Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, University of Messina - P/I of zebrafish neuromorphology lab - Vice President of University of Messina for internationalization.

The duration of the Course is a minimum of 3 academic years starting from 1st October 2021. For further information or application: https://www.unime.it/it/dottorato/scienze-veterinarie/aree-di-ricerca

About ZeClinics SL

ZeClinics is an innovative biotech firm committed to streamlining discovery and preclinical development of novel compounds with zebrafish, an ideal vertebrate model for fast, cost-effective and highly predictive assessments. ZeClinics combines in-house academic expertise with a diversified, cutting-edge portfolio: from CRISPR-licensed gene editing, high-throughput safety and efficacy assays to disease models. For more information: www.zeclinics.com

About University of Messina

The University of Messina was founded in 1548 and has an ancient tradition going back more than 500 years.  But today it is a particularly young university that is constantly projecting itself into the future. In the most recent national evaluation of research quality, UniME was voted as having demonstrated the best performance.  Additionally, the number of enrolments has been constantly increasing since 2015. Furthermore, UniME currently ranks as the second Southern University for its quality of teaching.

Internationalization programs are at the center of the UniME development policy.  Today the University welcomes students from 27 foreign countries as well as numerous visiting professors and visiting researchers. This is a natural vocation for UniME because of its location. For more information: https://www.unime.it/it/dottorato/scienze-veterinarie/aree-di-ricerca