ZeClinics reached hire 20% of its workforce in 2021

Yesterday, ZeClinics was interviewed on TVE evening news as a national case of success in terms of job creation in 2021. During the last year, the private sector in Spain left behind the fall of 2020, and increased its workforce by 4.7% with 744,300 new jobs. ZeClinics was well above this average, and in 2021 reach the hiring of one-fifth of its employee workforce.

“We are proud to belong to the biotechnological sector, which fights against all odds to help society, create employment opportunities, generate wealth and change the production model.”- Javier Terriente, Cofounder and CDD at ZeClinics.

It was an honor for ZeClinics being recognized as an example of company that generates quality employment, and as an example of innovative biotech company.

Thanks to the Asociación Española de Bioempresas (ASEBIO) for the brutal work of disseminating the achievements of the biotechnology sector in Spain, and for thinking of us for an opportunity like this.

Thanks to TVE for giving us the possibility to appear in such a great exhibitor with national coverage and millions of viewers on prime time.

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