ZeClinics gives its support to the campaign @BCN4EMA (Barcelona for EMA)

EMA: ZeClinics gives its support to the campaign @BCN4EMA

Barcelona must become the new host of the European Medicament Agency. Let us make this dream possible.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is an agency of the European Union, which is responsible for the evaluation of applications for commercial authorisation of medicinal products in the European Union and its supervision. Its objective is to “Contribute to the protection of public and animal health by ensuring that medicinal products for human and veterinary use are safe, effective and of high quality for the benefit of public and animal health within the European Union.”

Now, because of BREXIT, the EMA must leave London and multiple candidate cities are bidding for the right to host the new headquarters of the agency.

So, Barcelona has been proposed as the best city to host it and we, at ZeClinics want to give our full support to the campaign #BCN4EMA

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Europe and the center of a vast metropolitan region of more than 160 towns with a total population of about 5 million people. It is the economic, cultural and administrative capital of Catalonia and the principal emerging area of economic activity in Southern Europe, with 17 million people and 800,000 businesses.

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22% of Spain’s biotech companies are located in Catalonia; while 45% of Spain’s pharmaceutical companies are based in Catalonia, including the largest in the sector, which happen to all be Catalan firms: Almirall, Esteve Ferrer, Grifols, Lacer and Uriach.

Catalonia’s bio cluster is one the most dynamic in Spain, which overall happens to be one of the most active areas in southern Europe in this field. And it is especially active in clinical research and the human health care field, with 90 research centers and more than 400 consolidated research groups engaged in the field of life newss; excelling in areas such as oncology, bio nano-medicine and cardiovascular disease.

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Because Barcelona is a strategic geographical location, because is a center of a large, dynamic and diverse economic area; because Barcelona have a leading position in the Spanish and European biopharmaceutical market; because Barcelona have thousands of skilled professionals prepared for the future; because Barcelona have consolidated news parks and growth projects; because Barcelona have unique research facilities and unique public-private cooperation and,  finally, because in Barcelona you will have an excellent quality of life.

Join us in supporting the campaing “Barcelona for EMA” throughout all your Networks with the tag #BCN4EMA

Let´s make this dream possible.

ZeClinics Team

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