icon-adme-bioavaility ADME – Bioavailability

The full comprehension of ADME of a specific compound is fundamental in order to characterize its pharmacokinetic profile. We setup a methodology to analyze the amount of drug absorbed and distributed in the embryos. This can be applied also to specific tissues, and extended to production of metabolites and excretion.

Method description

Incubation of zebrafish embryos with the drug tested in Toxicity/efficacy assays.


After incubation, whole embryos are lyophilized for Mass Spec/NMR analysis. Drug content in bodies is calculated taking into account the initial amount of drug and the remaining amount in the exposure medium.

Bioavailability validation

We carried out a bioavailability test of 80 compounds with different physico-chemical properties. A linear trend was found in most of the cases. 

These results can be used to predict the bioavailability of a compound in zebrafish depending on its structure (see figure below).

Figure: Bioavailability in zebrafish larvae vs treatment concentration in water. The test has been carried out on 80 different compounds approximately, showing a similar trend in each case.