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Atherosclerosis Model

As a vertebrate, zebrafish have extremely fast physiology and share highly conserved metabolic pathways with mammals which allow us to perform early diet studies. Moreover, transparent embryos facilitate in-vivo cholesterol quantification via non-invasive confocal imaging.

Thus, becoming a fast, cost-effective and biologically-relevant model for the study of cholesterol accumulation.

Method description

An evaluation of potential cholesterol-regulatory molecules. Early-life embryos are subjected to Non-Cholesterol (NCD) and High Cholesterol (HCD) diets for 15 days in the presence and absence of the compound of interest. Cholesterol quantification: In-vivo confocal visualization of cholesterol is possible by  Bodipy fluorescent dye.


  • Whole body measurement: Zebrafish juveniles at 21dpf are processed via enzymatic colorimetric kits.
  • Vascular tissue accumulation: Treated larvae are processed via Bodipy labelling.
Figure: Ezetimibe is a low toxic drug that reduces efficiently the levels of cholesterol