Food & Nutraceuticals

Our diet studies platform is a service aimed at food manufacturers or nutraceutical companies, and farm and veterinary industries interested in testing the properties of specific components of their marketed or R&D diets, for pets, farm animals, and humans.

The farm industry looks for diets that enhance reproductive capacity, and improve length and weight (gain of muscular tissue) or supplements that can reduce the dietary stress of animals. The diet properties of farm animal feed are crucial for the producers, in order to provide abundant, safe, nutritious, and affordable food animal products. Similarly, food for veterinary or pet use is designed to optimize animal fitness. 

In any case, assays that allow evaluating the impact of different diets and dietary substances on the physiological status of adult animals are needed. Zebrafish are a cost-effective alternative to testing in mammals, which allow high throughput approaches and provide biologically-relevant readouts.

At ZeClinics, we have developed metric studies of the effects of custom diets or food supplements on the physiology of adult zebrafish. Parameters affecting metabolic aspects, gonad development, reproductive success, growth, and weight gain can be evaluated according to your needs.

We can also address food and nutraceutical industry needs. For instance, the safety of new food additives or preservatives for human consumption can be tested with our toxicology assays in zebrafish larvae. Likewise, we can provide nutraceutical manufacturers with a way to test their products' health benefits and safety.

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