Oncology Models

Despite their translational value, the high cost and low throughput of mouse models hamper their use for screening large numbers of possible therapies. Moreover, individual cancer genotype is emerging as a crucial factor leading therapeutic decisions. Thus, patient derived xenografts (PDXs) are potentially powerful tools, but the high amount of tissue needed for transplants in rodents is a major issue

Therefore, the use of innovative screening systems, including alternative animal models, could reduce costs and time and allow for assessing more compounds. This would indeed increase the chances of success in clinical trials and, hence, reduce drug attrition rates.

Considering these facts, we have developed a standardize, automate, and validate a zebrafish larvae xenograft assay with increased translatability and higher drug screening throughput. The ZeOncoTest reliability is based on the optimization of different experimental parameters, such as cell labeling, injection site, automated individual sample image acquisition, and analysis.