OncoTest – Xenotransplant Model

Fast embryonic development allow high-content assays in a matter of days.
Embryonic transparency allows non-invasive, in vivo monitoring of tumor growth and metastasis.

Transparent zebrafish are a fast and cost-efficient model for anti-cancer efficacy assays and early metastasis studies by injecting tumoral cells into zebrafish larvae.

Method description

Figure: Diagram representing the different phases of the OncoTest evaluation assay.


  • Tumor development: analysis at two different timepoints of each larvae through imaging. The results consist in the evaluation of growth and metastatic capability of the xenotransplanted cancer cell line after treatment.
  • Angiogenesis: optional analysis of the angiogenic capacity of the tumoral line after treatment (R&D phase). Comparison of tumor mass evolution over time is compared between DMSO negative control and Docetaxel as positive control treated xenografts.