icon-reproduction-tox ReproductionTox

The assessment of animal reproductive performance (both for males and females) is essential in the ecotoxicology field. This test has been adapted to zebrafish from the OECD421 guideline for reproduction toxicity.

This test has been designed adapting the OECD421 test for reproduction toxicity to zebrafish.

Method description

Figure: mRNAs from the previously separated tissues will be extracted for retrotranscription. cDNA will be used for qRT-PCR in order to  analyze the expression of specific markers.


  • Body weight / body weight changes of the adults during the assay.
  • Food consumption, and water consumption if available.
  • Toxic response data by sex and dose.
  • Number of ovulated eggs.
  • Fertilization rate.
  • Hatching rate.
Figure: Readout Reproduction Tox