Tol2 Transgenic lines

Zebrafish transgenic lines can be generated by the random insertion of a desired DNA fragment, allowed by the activity of a Tol2 transposase. This is useful for expressing exogenous coding sequences (CDS) under the control of tissue-specific promoters. 

Technology uses for generating:

  • Insertion of human gene CDSs.
  • Reporter lines. 
  • Environmental sensors
  • Optogenetic tools

One-cell stage zebrafish embryos are injected with a mix containing tol2 mRNA and a plasmid containing the transgene of interest between two Tol2 sites

In this case, once they reach sexual maturity, injected fish are able to transmit the transgene to their progeny, thus allowing the establishment of a transgenic line.

In some cases, it happens in cells that give rise to the germline.