Tox – Absortion and Distribution Analysis (ADME)

Drug administration through water incubation is easy but it does not always guarantee a perfect knowledge of the amount of drug absorbed by zebrafish. We set up a protocol to analyze the bioavailability of administered drugs by analyzing the embryos proceeding from toxicity or efficacy assays.

Drug absorption and distribution are analyzed on whole embryos or on specific organs or tissues by mass spectroscopy or NMR.

Moreover, the concentration of compounds in the incubation water can be compared to the concentration in embryos in order to get valuable insights on drug metabolism and excretion. In this case metabolites, when known, may also be analyzed both in embryos and incubation water.

Our method can be applied downstream to any efficacy or toxicity analysis in our portfolio, on wild-type zebrafish or on genetically modified zebrafish lines with no restriction, providing a useful and inexpensive tool to get insights on the pharmacokinetics of drug candidates.

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