Disease modeling

CRISPR vs Tol2 Genetics

CRISPR/Cas9 vs. Tol2 Techniques for Zebrafish Genomic Manipulation

Evaluating Methods for Precision and Efficiency in Genetic Engineering

Transgenic Animal Models In Biomedical Research Genetics

Transgenic Animals in Biomedical Research and Drug Discovery

Transgenic Animals Meaning + Application Examples

two knockout applications gene inactivation vs exon deletion Genetics

Two CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Knockout Methods

Two Applications of CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Knockout


HDR vs NHEJ in CRISPR Gene Editing

Understanding DNA Repair Pathways

CNS Drug discovery Genetics

Fast Gene Target Validation & Drug Screening All In One

Harness the potential of our new Zebrafish-Based Platform for High-Throughput Gene Target Validation and Drug Screening in F0


CRISPR Knockouts vs Knockins

The use of target gene-editing in preclinical research


Prime editing, a step beyond CRISPR

The most precise CRISPR to date turns the genetic scissors into a Swiss army knife 

CRISPR-the-genetic-scissors Genetics

CRISPR: the genetic scissors

What is CRISPR technology and how can change our lives?

In-vivo-epilepsy-research CNS Drug discovery

Fishing for innovative alternatives for modeling epilepsy

Why zebrafish can pave the way for investigating epilepsy’s etiology and screening new anti-seizure drugs

Drug discovery Ophthalmology

Zebrafish on the Move Towards Eye Disorders Research

Leveraging zebrafish to study Age-related Macular Degeneration

Drug discovery Metabolics

Tackling a pandemic with Zebrafish: Obesity and Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease

The emerging use of zebrafish to model metabolic diseases

Drug discovery Zebrafish model organism

Zebrafish as a Translatable Model System

Are zebrafish suitable for human drug discovery?

zebrafish-pharmacologial-disease-model CNS

What can you Learn from a Neuro-Pharmacological Disease Model?

Zebrafish represents a key tool to boost drug discovery by enabling phenotypic screening approach in pharmacological-based disease models.

Larvae zebrafish at ZeClinics CNS Drug discovery Genetics Metabolics Ophthalmology Toxicology Zebrafish model organism

R&D: What does ZeClinics do?

ZeClinics laboratory R&D efforts are mainly divided in the development of three research platforms including a number of research areas.