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Zebrafish solutions for accelerating preclinical research

Reliable and ethical alternative research model

ZeClinics is a contract research organization (CRO) specialized in zebrafish research. We deliver tailored solutions to help pharma, agrochemical, food, cosmetic companies and academic research institutions to accelerate and increase the value of the early-stage R&D process with zebrafish.

Our scientists accumulate a huge understanding of zebrafish biology and its experimental manipulation. We combine this expertise with the use of automated equipment and data analysis solutions powered by AI. This combination provides high experimental throughput and reliability of experimental data. Based on this, ZeClinics provides a comprehensive portfolio of toxicity, genetic and efficacy services – disease modeling, target validation, drug efficacy screening, and chemical safety assessment. The use of zebrafish larvae fulfills the purpose of reducing, refining, and replacing the use of experimental animal models. It fully aligns with the policies proposed by the EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL-ECVAM).

The 3Rs are fundamental for ZeClinics:

Reduce: zebrafish features allow same-subject, sequential and simultaneous assessments, which require fewer individuals. Introducing zebrafish larvae into the drug discovery pipeline can also lead to a reduction of mammals used in regulatory phases.

Refine: zebrafish larva transparency enables non-invasive in vivo data collection, reducing stress and experimental artefacts. The zebrafish is an open window to our biology.

Replace: EU Directive 2010/63 lists zebrafish embryos up to 5 days post fertilization as non-animal, in vitro models. This makes them a robust and predictive alternative non-animal model.

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