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High throughput technologies

The phenotypic screenings can be done either manually with a microscope or using zebrafish-tailored equipment that allows automation and optimization of the processes to scale our solutions.

DanioVision software (Noldus IT)

It is the complete system designed for high-throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae. It allows us to standardize the testing environment, expose the tested animals to a variety of external stimuli and collect the data efficiently. Everything about this system is designed to provide you with a reliable testing environment and high-quality HD video for tracking. This research tool is crucial for increasing zebrafish larvae experiments’:

  • Traceability
  • Reliability
  • Reproducibility
  • Accuracy
  • Quality

DanioVisionTM is a complete system designed for the analysis of larvae activity, movement patterns, and response to external stimuli, which can reveal information on stereotypic and epileptic behaviors, circadian rhythmicity, motor control, movement disorders, neural development, visual or auditory system alterations, and more.

Figure 1. DanioVisionTM software (Noldus IT).

Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology (VAST)

This automated micro-fluid system allows us to assess numerous phenotypes simultaneously.

Individuals are imaged and recorded by VAST Biolmanger, which permits automated handling of each individual. This automatic sampler system allows rotation and correct positioning of every larva for reproducibility. The fluidic system is coupled with a microscope that allows fluorescent imaging. This means that by using one of the several transgenic reporter lines available, which leads to the fluorescent protein expression in a specific organ, the resulting zebrafish permit target organ monitoring in real-time and in vivo

Figure 2. VAST BioImager.

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