Our mission

Zebrafish model is the essential tool to get your scientific research completed. Our mission is making zebrafish model the warranty for your assays results:

  • Developing an excellent investigation to ensure the achievement of your project results.
  • Ensuring the quality of our internal procedures.
  • Creating a healthy work environment, promoting freedom of expression and flexibility.
  • Promoting professional innovation and talent development by reinforcing ongoing training.
Values that define our personality


Our goal is to be the worldwide reference on zebrafish drug discovery and research of excellence is our work guideline.


We invest in training our staff to help them develop their careers within the best environment.


We enjoy working along with critical spirit professionals therefore we care particularly about creating a healthy work environment where promoting freedom of expression and flexibility.


We are dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting a safe and healthy workplace.


We aim to collaborate with society, sharing our knowledge to the general public based on an ethical contribution.