Our mission

ZeClinics mission is to accelerate research and allow reliable safety and efficacy assessment of new drugs and chemical compounds to reach the market faster. We challenge the discovery process by combining our expertise in zebrafish biology with lab automation and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is based on:

  • Scientific excellence: we are scientists and our passion is to innovate and bring new solutions for our clients. We combine our acquired know-how with top-notch technology to design novel methodologies to answer every biological question.
  • Quality: our quality management system relies on good practice and international standards. We strictly implement normalized processes and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure data integrity and reliability of results.
  • Technical expertise: we lead CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology in zebrafish. Our team of experts specializes in zebrafish genetic and physiological research, lab automation and image analysis. They are trained to apply and integrate the last research advances into our processes.
  • Customer focus: our expertise is put at the service of our clients. We accompany every project, providing scientific advice, challenging hypotheses and suggesting custom alternatives.
  • 3Rs compliance: our experimental approach using zebrafish larvae fulfills the purpose of reducing, refining and replacing the use of experimental animal models and fully aligns us with the policies proposed by the EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL-ECVAM).

ZeClinics has adhered to the transparency agreement on animal experimentation, promoted by the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE)

'We are convinced that quality science could not be achieved without animal welfare'.

Our vision

ZeClinics vision is to place zebrafish as a fundamental tool for drug and target discovery and chemical safety assessment. We aim at becoming the global brand for zebrafish-based research services.

Our vision is based on the events that are already happening:

  • Increasing predictivity: the high attrition rate of novel drugs represents an essential burden for developing new therapeutic approaches. The main reason for the failure of compounds in clinical phases is the poor predictivity of their effect in humans during preclinical phases. The combination of a complex in vivo system suitable for high-throughput screening combined with in silico virtual screening is key to enhancing the predictive power of preclinical tests and increasing the rate of approved drugs.
  • Ethical use of animals: new legislation is forcing adherence to 3Rs principles in drug discovery. In alignment with this, an increasing number of companies and researchers support 3Rs practices, based on ethical, scientific, and economic benefits. Applying the 3Rs provides a unique opportunity for innovation while minimizing animal suffering and distress, and saving costs of traditional animal models.
  • Regulatory acceptance: several multi-lab initiatives are directed to position zebrafish as a valid model for the preclinical regulatory roadmap and new zebrafish-based guidelines have been formulated and proposed to regulators. Both FDA and EMA are constantly monitoring alternative animal models and accepting results produced in zebrafish.
  • Personalized medicine: zebrafish can play diverse roles in expanding the field of personalized medicine, from generating humanized disease models to xenograft screening of different cancer cell lines, including finding new drugs via in vivo phenotypic screens. Also, since the advent of the CRISPR/Cas9 system, multiple Cas protein variants have been generated for gene therapy purposes. Importantly, zebrafish embryos can be used as a platform to test the toxicity and efficacy of novel gene therapy strategies.

Our values


Scientific rigor is the foundation for all we do. We work under the highest quality and professional standards to generate reliable results and fulfill our client’s goals.


We strive towards continuous improvement, challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what can be done to transform the market.

Equity and ethics

We foster a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunity. We create a positive, healthy workplace for ourselves and the animals in our care.


We are committed to minimizing our negative impact on the planet by optimizing resource efficiency and promoting energy-saving policies.


We believe in what we do and take satisfaction in providing alternative, ethical and reliable ways to do research. It’s passion that motivates us to keep facing novel technological and scientific challenges.