Institutional Statement on the Use of Experimental Animals

ZeClinics has adhered to the transparency agreement in animal experimentation, promoted by the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE), with the collaboration of the European Association for Animal Research (EARA) and launched on September 20, 2016.

We are fully aware that animal research plays a fundamental role in understanding the biological mechanisms involved in diseases and the development of medical treatments. Without animals, we would not have most of the medicines, antibiotics, vaccines, and surgical techniques applied in human and veterinary medicine.

Part of the scientific work carried out at ZeClinics that contributes to improving people’s lives is thanks to the use of animals, in our case, zebrafish, which help us in all our studies of cardiovascular diseases, the central nervous system diseases, or even in the area of ​​oncology.

The welfare of our fish is a fundamental issue for ZeClinics, as is the strict respect and compliance with current legislation on the protection of animals used in experimentation and other scientific purposes, including education. Our goal is to achieve the highest animal welfare standards, not only from moral responsibility for them but also because we are convinced that quality science cannot be achieved without animal welfare. Our animal experimentation complies with legal standards and is reviewed by an Ethical Committee for Animal Experimentation, which promotes the use of alternative methods, reducing the number of animals used, and the refinement of experimental procedures. No research project requiring animal use can begin without the mandatory ethical evaluation and final authorization by the respective competent authority.

ZeClinics is also responsible for ensuring that both the personnel caring for the animals and the researchers involved in experimentation have the necessary training and knowledge and is committed to providing the necessary resources for the correct maintenance of the experimental animals in what is required, refers to facilities, maintenance, welfare, and veterinary care.

Therefore, by signing this manifesto, we want to take sides for transparent, honest, justified, robust, and dignified scientific experimentation to help all those who suffer from diseases.