icon-zeglobaltox ZeGlobalTox

ZeGlobalTox integrates the analysis of cardio, neuro- and hepatotoxicity into a single procedure, validated through the evaluation of known toxic-compounds (1). Interestingly, the three sequential assays are performed in the same larvae, allowing the reduction of animals and streamlining the experimental pipeline. The high predictivity of ZeGlobalTox allows reducing the use of rodents and other mammals in organ-toxicity screening.

Method description

The procedure is divided in two phases: 

  1. The Fast Acute Toxicity test is performed to determine the benchmark dose (BMD) in which mortality and gross teratogenic defects are absent.

2. Tg(cmlc2:GFP;fabp10:RFP transgenic zebrafish larvae, expressing GFP in cardiomyocytes and RFP in hepatocytes, are treated from 96 to 128 hpf with BMD determined in A. During this incubation period, cardio- ,neuro- and hepatotoxicity are determined sequentially in the same larvae. 

Figure. ZeGlobalTox experimental phases



  1. 2017 Cornet et al - ZeGlobalTox - An Innovative Approach to Address Organ Drug Toxicity Using Zebrafish.