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Using zebrafish, you achieve a variety of customized solutions, thanks to a fast life cycle, 10X cost-effective HTS, and reliable assays to assess the safety and biomedical relevance of novel molecules. Aimed by Reducing, Replacing, and Refining the use of mammals in research.

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Thanks to our standarized project planning, you will feel that you are part of our scientific team from the first point of inception. We want to strengthen the relationship and accompany you throughout your project so that you feel secure and relaxed when you present the validation analysis to your project manager or investors, with full confidence and pride.

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Imagine a researching drug model that saves you time in the procedure as well as helps to understand how a molecule behaves in advance. It allows you reproducing a test of several drugs and dosages in simple multiwell plates simultaneously. It shares with human at least 80% degree conservation in both their genome and their physiological processes. It permits analyzing in vivo the effects of drugs in groups of cells or single tissues, and finally, it reduces costs.

Among all the models available in drug discovery,  we decided to focus on zebrafish due to reducing animal use in preclinical assays is important for you.

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