ZeTox – Toxicology Services


A safety prediction pipeline

Human toxicity can be predicted from studies with early life-stage animals, this explains why zebrafish larvae can be used in toxicology screening. ZeClinics proposes a number of toxicology assays to test, in a high-throughput manner, the safety of novel drugs and chemicals.

Every molecule safety study will be initiated by testing its Acute Toxicology. This assay will assess the possible lethality and teratogenicity. By testing a range of 5 logarithmic concentrations, it will provide values of LC50, EC50, and BMD. Embryos from these treatments can be used to address bioavailability.

To further profile the safety of a molecule, ZeClinics can test its potential toxic effects during embryonic development (Developmental Tox/Teratogenicity) and on different tissue/organs: Liver (Hepato Tox), Heart (Cardio Tox), CNS (Neuro Tox), and Hair cells (Oto Tox). Chemicals can also be interrogated about their potential impact on Animal reproduction and Endocrine disruption; being both aspects of great relevance for the environmental toxicology field.