Zebrafish model organism

Zebrafish model organism

Zebrafish larvae as a New Alternative Methodology (NAM) for the assessment of compounds’ teratogenicity

Combining a zebrafish-based high throughput platform with artificial intelligence for human developmental toxicity assessment.

Zebrafish model organism

Can Zebrafish Testing Help Bring Your Drug To Market?

Zebrafish contribution to drug development reaching clinical stages

zebrafish-embryos Zebrafish model organism

Regulatory Compliance and The Zebrafish Model (Part II)

Zebrafish for regulatory purposes in ecotoxicology and safety pharmacology

Zebrafish model organism

Regulatory Compliance and The Zebrafish Model (Part I)

New trends and updated availability for zebrafish studies in EU and US

Zebrafish model organism

Zebrafish as a Translatable Model System

Are zebrafish suitable for human drug discovery?

regulatory_status_of_zebrafish Zebrafish model organism

Zebrafish Make a Splash in Animal Experimentation

The regulatory status of zebrafish as an alternative preclinical model.

zebrafish-larvae Zebrafish model organism

How Automation and Optimization Help us do Better Science

In ZeClinics we bet on emerging technologies to scale our solutions.

Larvae zebrafish at ZeClinics Zebrafish model organism

R&D: What does ZeClinics do?

ZeClinics laboratory R&D efforts are mainly divided in the development of three research platforms including a number of research areas.

zebrafish Zebrafish model organism

The Zebrafish Model: A Powerful Tool for Answering Complex Questions

We knew the model was brilliant for academic research. Would it be as good for modeling human disease and discovering new drugs in an industrial setting?