Dr. Terriente from ZeClinics gave a talk in the University College Dublin

“New Frontiers in Ocular Therapeutics” (UCD, Conway Institute, Lecture Theatre 12th and 13th of October 2015)

Dr. Javier Terriente was in the “New Frontiers in Ocular Therapeutics” workshop, that brought together clinicians, patients groups, academic scientists (chemists and biologists) and Pharma together to enhance co-operation in this field, especially in small molecule therapeutics. Thanks to all sponsors, speakers and attendees of our "New Frontiers in Ocular Therapeutics" workshop (UCD 12-13 Oct 2015), we were able to assemble interdisciplinary experts, early career researchers and PhD students in the fields of ocular disease, ocular drug discovery, development and delivery and pre-clinical models to promote knowledge transfer, innovation and ultimately fruitful collaborations. Special sessions were held to discuss possible joint applications for the H2020 programme. The meeting was organised in the following 6 sessions over the 2 days, which included key senior specialists and researchers of each area, as well a showcase of 8 young investigators selected among the poster presenters (see final programme attached for full details). After each session there was a Panel Discussion thanks to which many interesting questions were asked and several additional key points were discussed. Dr Javier Terriente (ZeClinics, Barcelona-Spain) spoke about the expertise, assays and facilities available in his company, all based in zebrafish and focused in drug discovery.  
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